16 June 2019

Download E-Record ATO Tax Software

Several years ago the ATO stopped supporting their E-Record tax recording system. It was very popular with sole traders and small businesses and is still used today (Several of my clients still swear by it), though it's getting harder to find download sources online.

I've archived a working copy here - this is the 32 bit windows version. Unfortunately the macOS version is no longer compatible with the modern macOS operating system and just doesn't work.

Download ATO E-Record Tax Software for Windows

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Provided 'as-is' with no warranty expressed or implied. I assume no liaibility or responsibility for any damage this software causes. Use at your own risk. Find this useful? Drop me an email and let me know :)

2020 Update: Extras tips for getting eRecord Running on Windows 10

I've had a couple of enquiries about getting eRecord running under Windows 10 in 2020. Here's what we've found.

Issue 1: eRecord won't open and Windows prompts asking which application to use to open eRecord

eRecord is based on the eForms software, which should open the .ifm file. It should have been installed alongside eRecord.

Issue 2: Installing eRecord freezes part way through, or you're unable to find where eForms is installed following the above instructions

eRecord hasn't installed fully and hasn't installed eRecord as a dependency.

Again, as eRecord was depreciated in 2010 I’d strongly recommend keeping a copy of your data outside of eRecord in a readable format, just in case it stops working completely one day and you get caught short. If you are still actively using eRecord it's well worth finding another solution for your business records.

I develop KoalaBrain, a business management / invoicing tool which some of my former eRecord users have now moved to. - it’s available at www.koalabrain.com. If you’re interested drop me an email I can help you out with a trial. Alternatively I might be able to suggest some other software if my solutions don’t fit the bill.