We Don’t Need Another ‘Everything’ App

We don’t need an ‘everything’ app – we already have one. It is a platform with billions of active users that lets you create and share anything you can imagine. You can chat, send payments, create apps, games, and art, connect with audiences and build a business, or just make your ideas heard.

It’s the Internet. You can build anything for anyone using the tools of your choice. There are no limitations: connect to any API, build any functionality, and host anywhere. You’re not bound to the whims of a single ‘everything’ platform and its employees, and their restrictions on what you can build, do, or say. Audiences for your ideas and products can flourish independently and be easily identified (the car enthusiasts are on the car forum!), rather than being distinguishable only through paid marketing dashboards.

Centralisation doesn’t just restrict innovation – it isn’t customer friendly. It makes it difficult to make your own choices as a user – if your online payments and social media exist on a single platform, you’re being locked into using both services (and locked out of both if something goes wrong). A WeChat for the west goes against the free market we all benefit from.

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