Seriously Good Technical Writing and Content

This page showcases some of the high quality articles that I have been involved in the creation of. Many of these were written on behalf of others after interviewing them to find out what story they want to tell, while others are the result of extensive research into a topic or product category so that the value of a product can be fully communicated to the audience who will benefit from it.

What’s demonstrated here?

  • Technical writing (documentation, instructions, etc)
  • Technical content writing (content goes beyond just documenting a technical product, but discussing it’s use-cases and value to customers)
  • SEO optimization
  • An in-depth understanding of many technical subjects including software development, *Ops, networking, systems administration…
  • A developer focus – identification of the problems developers face and how they can be solved using the products discussed

Content types available

Here are the kinds of content I can produce for you:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Social media
  • Case studies
  • Product messages
  • Website content
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers/eBooks
  • Digital ads
  • Landing pages

Who do I work with?

I work with both growing startups as well as established tech, software, and SaaS companies that want to promote their products to a technical userbase, including project managers and developers. I worth with clients both directly and through agencies, including companies based in the USA, India, Australia, Germany, the UK, Canada, Israel, Estonia, and Ukraine.

Content showcase

Alongside writing, I also review, edit, and illustrate content. Here are some of the articles I’ve worked on, and the role I took.

ArticleMy Role
Git in Appsmith: A Practical Guide for Building Internal Apps with GitWriter
How We Fixed Performance With JS Object Variable MutationWriter
How We Built Custom JavaScript Libraries For Appsmith — Insights From Our Dev TeamWriter
Appsmith’s Deployment ArchitectureWriter
Our Monolith Was Making Our Engineering Lag – Here’s How We Fixed ItWriter
The Ultimate Guide to Building Internal Tools in 2024Writer
How to Write a Great READMEReview, Edit
How to Integrate Appsmith with Google BigQueryWriter
How We Screwed Up Debugging (and What We’re Doing About It)Review, Edit
How We Reduced Our Annual Software Expenses by $80,000 Using AppsmithWriter
Git in Appsmith: The Details behind Our ImplementationReview, Edit
Git in Appsmith: Every Developer Has Been Saved by Git — So, Why Isn’t it a Feature of App Platforms?Writer
Negating Build versus Buy Trade-Offs When Choosing Internal ToolsReview, Edit
The Importance of Design Thinking Early in the Development ProcessWriter
The Future of Intent-Driven DesignReview, Edit
Building Responsive UI Tools: Everyone Keeps Making the Same MistakesReview, Edit
CD for machine learning: Deploy, monitor, retrainWriter
CI for machine learning: Build, test, trainWriter
Insights From Appsmith Engineering: How We Built Custom JavaScript LibrariesWriter
Static credential management for platform engineersWriter
Role-based credential management with OIDCWriter
Sharing data between local and cloud in CI/CDWriter
Automatically scale self-hosted runners in AWS to meet demandWriter
Build and evaluate LLM-powered apps with LangChain and CircleCIReview, Edit
Deploy and re-evaluate LLM-powered apps with LangSmith and CircleCIReview, Edit
Sending Scheduled and Recurring Email Notifications with PHPProvided PHP code (500+ articles)Writer, Edit, Media
OpenWRT BT HomeHub 5 InstructionsWriter
DIY Raspberry Pi Laptop/Palmtop ComputerWriter
Magento on AWS: Best Practices for Optimized, Scalable DeploymentsWriter
Scale and Optimize Laravel on AWSWriter
Interactive World Happiness DashboardWriter
Using Fivetran and dbt to extract and transform dataWriter
Choosing the marketing metrics to power your campaigns and grow your audienceWriter
How a Customer Data Platform (CDP) benefits your business and protects your customersWriter
AARRR vs. RARRA: Selecting the right growth strategy in 2022Writer
Mighty Digital’s Singer tap for Apple Search AdsWriter
Explaining RFM analysis and how you can use it in your marketingWriter
How dbt Helped Us Significantly Reduce Our ETL CostsWriter
Using Prisma to address connection pooling issues in serverless environmentsWriter
27 Top Technical Writing Blogs, Tools, and ResourcesWriter
If You Build It They Will Not ComeWriter
Rudderstack Knowlege Base (multiple)Writer, Review, Edit
What is Data Transformation?Writer
What is Consent Management?Writer
Data Access ControlWriter
What is Persistent Data?Writer
Data Security TechnologiesWriter
Quantitative vs Qualitative DataWriter
The difference between data analytics and data visualizationWriter
What are the new features of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?Writer
Benefits and limitations of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)Writer
Understanding data streams in Google Analytics 4Writer
cunoFS is a High Performance POSIX Layer for Object StorageWriter
Is POSIX Outdated in the Cloud Era?Writer
Generate and Build a CRUD App from Any Database with One Click!Writer

Technical writing and content packages for your startup

If you are looking to establish your online presence and reach your current and future users with high quality content, I can help get you started.

I’ll work with you to build a foundation of content for your brand, and, once you’ve seen the benefits, can help you expand by recommending marketing strategies, or putting you in touch with a full content agency that provides a team of professional technical content writers, managed advertising and outreach, and additional editing and media services (including ebooks, illustrations, videos, and more).

Price estimateWhat you’ll be delivered
400 USDTwo written content pieces up to 1500 words each, based on research and outlines you approve. 1 revision.
600 USDTwo written content pieces up to 1500 words each, based on research and outlines you approve. 2 revisions, 2 diagrams or edited stock images.
Price on enquiryNeed documentation, product evaulation and insights, software testing? Get in touch! While researching and writing I am well placed to spot problems and help improve your product.

And of course, I’ll always be on-hand for any questions you have about your content, and how to make sure it arrives in front of your audience.

Ready to get started? Drop me an email and we can chat about your requirements

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