You CAN build a unique brand affordably using off-the shelf WordPress assets

A client of mine had a successful, but aging website that was based on an obsolete version of WordPress and that was designed to look flashy, but not load quickly or show the information users arrive looking for without a lot of clicking around. This was impacting both usability and SEO.

Most web dev agencies charge large amounts for new websites based on their own in-house designs – but – in the end most websites end up following the same established design patterns that are proven to work well, and that users expect. Additionally, potential customers searching for information about a business or looking for a product or service are looking for clear answers to their questions, and don’t notice (or care) about whether the website has a bespoke dropdown menu animation.

So, we decided to go with an off-the-shelf WordPress theme, a reworked logo, and a consistent colour scheme to make tie the pre-built theme in with the businesses established brand. Page layouts were created that focussed on providing the expected content, up front so that the user sees that they have found what they are looking for immediately. Service based businesses build their brand on their reputation, so we also placed their flawless customer feedback scores front and center.

The results came in quickly – the site was soon ranking for new keywords, and users were interacting with the CTA forms. Success!

Puritans will dismiss using pre-built components as lazy. I disagree – by using as many pre-built assets as possible, time and costs were greatly reduced, and my client had a new website up and running in significantly less time than they would have if everything was built from scratch, and could start to see the benefits to their business sooner.

To see what can be done in a short turnaround with the right parts, check out the Asgard Roofing website.

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