On Content Agencies

✍️ Why I only provide technical writing services through agencies (and why I’m super picky about which ones I work with)

🏆 Quality: I only work with agencies that employ professional editors that review all content that is published. Written content can provide value for years, so it’s worth the investment to make sure that your content meets the highest standard.

🎯 Accuracy: Content agencies working in the SaaS and software space should have access to experts in the field, so that we can fact check and discuss any opinions or novel assessments presented in our writing.

🔎 ROI: Top notch technical content explains and promotes your product, but only if users can find it. Any agency worth their salt employ SEO experts to ensure that all content is optimised to reach its target audience.

🏖️ Reliability: Knowing that there are other seasoned writers able to step in and work with my clients while I take time off means that I can truly relax and return with new ideas and renewed vigour.

There are plenty of content platforms that lump writers and clients together through automated means (often based on who is the lowest bidder), but this is detrimental to the quality of the content produced.

Writers and the businesses that seek to employ their talents are always better served by professional agencies that bring together the diverse disciplines required to create world class content.

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