Brad’s Lab Helper

I’m making available a constantly in-progress excel toolkit which was created for, and is used by, a UK university department to assist with processing the large amounts of data output by their spectrometry machines.

This toolkit is updated periodically as additional needs arise. If you have found this page because you’re using the toolkit and went searching for more information, welcome!

If you’d like to see this toolkit do something else, get in touch and we can look at what can be done.

Explanations of the functions and configuration are provided in the file, but no further documentation or advice is supplied for this tool.

Currently, the following functions are supplied:

  • PromptRemoveRowsOutsideStandardDeviation
    • Remove all rows in a sheet if they fall out of x number of standard deviations for a column
  • PromptClearEmptyLookingCells
    • Clear all empty looking cells of their value, for example cells containing only a space, or an empty string, that may interfere with calculations
  • BulkImportCsvToFiles
    • Take a folder of comma separated files, import their contents into Excel, and place them in a worksheet in a template excel file, saving the result as an xlsx file. Allows for fast bulk importing of csv files to the excel format. Template excel file can contain macros or further calculations which can then be quickly accessed without having to go through the date import process for each .csv file
  • BatchRunMacrosOnFiles
    • Run one or more macros in bulk on all xlsx files in a folder. Macro must exist in the labhelper files. Allows any macro to be run on any number of excel files in one click.

Alongside these are various supporting and utility macros, which are used to run the above listed macros, and may be useful if you’re extending the toolkit with your own code.

This tool was created on an acedemic budget, so has some rough edges – heed the warnings and read the instructions and you shouldn’t have any major issues.

Download Brad’s Lab Helper version 24-09-2019

Provided ‘as-is’ with no warranty expressed or implied. I assume no liability or responsibility for any damage this software causes. Use at your own risk. Find this useful? Drop me an email and let me know 🙂


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