Building a Light Gun Arcade Machine

I’ve been working on an arcade machine project on and off. My brother put together the screen and case while I worked on the internals and software.

It’s still not completely done, but below are some shots of the work in progress.

As far as the software side of things goes, it can be difficult to get old games up and running on Windows 10, and making it work with the Aimtrak light guns we’re using.

I won’t post any full documentation until it’s done and 100% working, but here’s some software that’s been invaluable in getting it up and running. The purpose of each is pretty self explanatory.

  • Nuvee controller plugin for pcsx2 / epsxe – see This forum post for more info
  • Playnite game launcher
  • DemulShooter – A tool for configuring AimTrak guns with various old light gun games. This software was the key to getting things running smoothly
  • AimTrak configuration software
  • Restart on Crash – Make sure programs required stay open
  • SuperF4 – Force the active program to quit, hard
  • Autohotkey scripts were used to map SuperF4 to tilde, so tilde could be pressed to insta-quit the running game and return to the menu for quick game changing

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