Sometimes I build little tools to help speed up my day-to-day tasks, and sometimes I'll make them available for download if I think they might be useful for others, or I haven't found a better alternative.

All software is provided 'as-is' with no warranty expressed or implied. I assume no liaibility or responsibility for any damage this software causes. Use at your own risk. Find something useful? Drop me an email and let me know :)

blicense - nodejs-license-file + express + stripe

Charge your customers for licences for your NodeJS apps

I'm slowly getting around to making some of my projects available for purchase directly and needed a way to charge customers for them, and provide a licence key on successful payment. blicense is my solution for that, and I'm making it available for free.…

22 February 2020

Brad's Lab Helper

Swiss-army knife of excel macros for assisting with data reduction and bulk file handling

I'm making available a constantly in-progress excel toolkit which was created for, and is used by, a UK university department to assist with processing the large amounts of data output by their spectrometry machines. This toolkit is updated periodically as additional needs arise. If you have found this…

24 September 2019

A Londoner's Guide to Online Security (And Travel Etiquette)

Stay safe online and on the tube

Here's a short guide on some basic online security practices. It's not comprehensive, but it's a good start on keeping your personal data safe and working to prevent security issues on your devices. Consider hiring tech support to help keep you up to date on security best…

15 July 2019

The Last Resort Offline Backup Plan

A poster/guide on how to keep your files safe in case of disaster

Many home users and small businesses do not have a backup plan, leaving them vulnerable to losing their important financial data, photos, and other files. This backup plan is a good way to start a backup system - though hiring some tech support to automate and verify…

14 July 2019

Download E-Record ATO Tax Software

I've archived the E-Record software previously provided by the Australian Tax Office, provided here for you to download

Several years ago the ATO stopped supporting their E-Record tax recording system. It was very popular with sole traders and small businesses and is still used today (Several of my clients still swear by it), though it's getting harder to find download sources online. I've archived a working…

16 June 2019

lastphp Database Summary / Activity tool

Get basic info from several sources and display them in a self refreshing webpage

lastphp is a simple tool for getting summaries of database columns from different databases and displaying them on a webpage. It's intended use is to view the current user count / last post time across a number of online services via their SQL databases. This makes it easy to build…

20 April 2019

Corella NPM and PHP Composer package backup

A nifty backup tool for NPM and Composer

A command line tool to create offline backups of packages from your projects. Currently supports NPM and PHP Composer package files. NPM Scans all dependencies and devDependencies For each found dependency, moves it's dependencies into bundleDependencies Installs the package with bundled dependencies, skipping scripts Packs the package so…

14 April 2019